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Don Noehr-Roberts

We specialize in exquisite  fine art .-We are most selective in our choise of artists represented

Who we are

Silkeborg DenmarkShandong ChinaKnysna South Africa▪▪
, amongst other places.Our clientel come from:

Danish d-artist

           and designer

A joint fascination of art and composition, mixed with a digital mastering talent used in the process, is what drove this artist. The result is wonderful and unique paintings.


Sky's associate with relaxation, joy, comfort and walking - which is all gathered in this painting.


Spring in Lake

Illuminated fountain in lake by Silkeborg in Denmark.


Minions - Overtime  in Hell

It symbolizes the extremes, and the efforts which we endure below - and perhaps also on Earth - in warm colors.


Don Noehr

Silkeborg | Denmark

Artistic Curriculum Vitae


Don was born in Odense, Denmark in 1962.


In High School, he began an interest for the d-artistic style of expression. Somehow it was triggered by his interest for photography and film developing plus the various expressions which could be achieved by an old Xerox without toning facilities.

Constant and Variables

A Study in styles, constants and variables - 2010

The study of SIGNS, where SIGNS is the prominent constant. The observant spectator will spot any number of ”variables” in the various works of art.

A number of various painting styles has been brought in effect in this piece - or should we sat these pieces - of work.